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CMH Grow Tent Kit Creator

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CMH Grow Tent Kits Provide Huge Yields and Efficiency

CMH, or ceramic metal halide, grow lights can help you produce some of the most incredible yields you’ve ever seen. Although CMH grow lights can get pretty pricey, they actually save you money in the long run. Some growers have reported making their money back in energy savings within just a few grow cycles.

CMH grow tent kit creator can help you grow huge plants, while saving you money on electricity CMH Grow Tent Kit Creator helps.

CMH Grow Tent Kit

CMH Grow Lights Are Energy Efficient

While some people compare CMH grow lights to MH/HPS lights, they blow traditional HID style lights out of the water from an efficiency standpoint. You can start cutting electricity costs immediately. The best part is you aren’t sacraficing power; in fact, some growers have reported higher yields from a single 315 CMH light compared to a 1000 watt HPS.

CMH Grow Lights Don’t Put Off Much Heat

One of the biggest issues with using MH/HPS grow lights is the heat they produce. In a grow tent, it can be harder to control temperatures than in a stand alone grow room. With CMH lights, this isn’t a problem. Not only do they run efficiently, they also run very cool. This saves you even more money on air conditioning, and keep your plants happy!

CMH Grow Lights Produce A Balanced, Powerful Spectrum

Ultimately, all that matters is that your light gets you results – and CMH lights do just that. They produce a quality of light much higher than other technologies, and the spectrum is more full. CMH grow lights contain a spectrum of ultraviolet and infrared colors, something you won’t see in many grow lights. This unique spectrum leads to unmatched plant growth and yields.

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