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Botanicare Slide Bench Complete System

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Botanicare Slide Bench Complete System


Botanicare Slide Bench Complete System provides growers with unprecedented flexibility through it’s modular design. You can adjust the length, working height, aisle width, and drainage slope to adapt to any growing style or room. Stop wasting expensive, valuable floor space and maximize your grow!

Note: Additional Size Customization – The end kits now come in 2′, 3′, 4′ or the standard 5′.

This allows for much more customization as you choose the perfect length for your Botanicare Slide Bench System. If you are unable to select the size you are looking for, give us a call and one of our dedicated sales reps will be able to help you find what you’re looking for.

If there is a size you want but don’t see, give us a call! We can create any required length setup for the Botanicare Slide Bench System.

Fittings Included with the Botanicare Slide Bench are 3/4″ & 1″ .

How The Botanicare Slide Bench Works

The Botanicare® Slide Bench is a versatile, modular system that provides complete grow space control. There is no other sliding bench on the market with this level of customization. It allows growers to modify the length, working height, aisle width, and drainage angle slope to fit any growing style, greenhouse, or room size. Whether you have a smaller scale 500 square foot commercial grow, or a large scale 2,000+ square foot warehouse, the Botanicare Slide Bench will help you get the most out of your floor space. It eliminates the need for aisles, which take up space that you could fit more plants. Every square foot counts, and Botanicare built this sliding bench system with this in mind.

The Botanicare Slide Bench base system comes standard at 10 feet and 6 inches but can be customized to fit your grow room. You can extend your slide bench in 5-foot increments, all the way up to 100 feet 6 inches. With 8.5 inches of travel from the center of the bench, the minimum aisle width is 17 inches, more than enough for most people to walk through or work on plants. The roller tubes are connected with a spacer, which keeps them a fixed distance from one another. Competitors don’t have these spacers, which leads to your tubes getting closer and closer, and eventually, to the point they are touching.

This system is constructed of a premium, powder-coated steel frame, and works with heavy gauge ABS grow mod trays that will not bow, crack or leak. Botanicare Grow Mod Trays have a 4.5-inch sidewall height and include a drain screen with 3 punch outs for plumbing lines. They can handle 25 lbs. per sq. ft., so you will never have to worry about your plants getting too big or fitting too many on the trays. The roller connectors are reinforced, and provide smooth travel back and forth across the bench and will not deform under weight or pressure. The Botanicare Slide Bench features an anti-tip bar with bump stops, to prevent tipping when loaded. This will prevent leaks, spills, or worse – your plants tipping over. Tailor this sliding bench to your exact needs, and choose from 3 heights of 12, 20 and 30 inches.

Botanicare Slide Bench System Features

Botanicare Height Adjutsments

Choose Your Bench Height

Botanicare Drainage

Built-In Drainage Slope

Botanicare Adjustable Length

Multiple Tray Widths Available

Botanicare Adjustable Length

Extendable Lenths Up to 100 ft

Botanicare Adjustable Length

New length increments

Botanicare Adjustable Length

Increase your aisle width

The Botanicare Slide Bench System Adapts To Your Grow

Every grow is different, and that is why the Botanicare Slide Bench was designed with flexibility in mind. With a seemingly endless number of configurations possible, you can tailor your slide bench system to your growing space for maximum efficiency, productivity, and profitability. If you are wondering if the Botanicare Slide Bench System will work for your grow, the answer is yes! And, you can upgrade it and expand as your grow demands. With semi-permanent seams, you can easily add new pieces to extend the table. Other slide benches are pretty fixed in terms of their size, what you get is what you will be stuck with until you buy a whole new system.


  • Available in 4 ft or 5 ft widths, these systems provide the right balance of plant space and aisle width to maximize your grow.


  • Available in three thoughtfully designed heights. 12 in option is ideal for rooms where ceiling height is restricted. 20 in table ideal for plants in the flowering stage. 30 in height works best for nursery settings and situations where height is not a limiting factor.


  • Extend the length of your system in 2, 3, 4, and 5 ft increments to best fit the dimensions of your grow. *Minimum length, 7 ft 6 in


  • 8.5 in of travel from center provides a minimum aisle width of 17 inches. Gone are the days of static aisles that end up taking away from your bottom line!


  • Built-in slope adjustment of 2.5 to 5 in. 20 in and 30 in systems have 5 in of adjustment. 12 in systems have a 2.5 in of adjustment.


  • Extendable Lenths Up to 100 ft with new 2′, 3′, and 4′ End Kit increments

The Botanicare Slide Bench Allows Complete Growing Flexibility

Commercial growing space is expensive. Pack as many plants as possible into your warehouse or commercial grow room with the Botanicare Slide Bench. And, the Botanicare slide bench works with just about any system you can imagine: from ebb & flow to drip hydroponics, this bench will do it all.

More plants + fewer aisles = increased efficiency and profitability:

  • Up to 30% more plant space compared to other bench systems.
  • A simple, versatile slide bench system that makes aisle management easy.
  • Maximize your growing space for increased production.

Note: If you do use an ebb and flow style with this bench, your dehumidifiers will need to work overtime to eliminate all moisture created from the water sitting in these trays. Keep this in mind.

The Botanicare Slide Bench Is Built With Heavy Duty Components

Under pressure, heavy-gauge ABS trays outperform High Impact Polystyrene trays. In standard tests ABS outperforms (HIPS) in impact strength, stiffness and thermal shock making it more resistant to cracking, bowing and leaking. This sliding bench system and the grow mod trays that accompany it were built to withstand the heavy demands of a commercial grow setting.

The goal when creating the Botanicare Slide Bench was to support trays safely with only the most durable parts. The reinforced roller connectors won’t degrade over time or deform under pressure, allowing you to slide your bench in and out without worrying about it degrading over time. A problem with other slide bench systems is these rollers wear out after a few years, and become oblong from the weight of the bench/plants. Eventually, their slide bench no longer slides from side to side. It gets to a point where they need to buy a whole new system. If you are investing in a slide bench, why not get one you know will make your life easy for years to come?

The Botanicare Slide Bench is unmatched in terms of durability and strength. Recessed drainage channels and vertical support beams combine to provide over 700 sq inches of contact along the length of the 20 ft 6 in bench. No other slide bench on the market has even close to the amount of plastic-to-table contact the Botanicare bench does.


Experience best-in-class strength, durability and rigid design. Recessed drainage channels and vertical support beams combine to provide over 700 sq inches of contact along the length of our 20 ft 6 in bench.



Trellis supports were engineered to fit inside the frame structure to prevent interference with the aisles. This integrated feature also protects and secures tray seams and accepts 3/4 in PVC or 1 in conduit, for trellising structures.

Integrated Trellis Support


The mission when designing our system was to provide durable, safe support for our trays. Reinforced roller connectors won’t deform under pressure. Anti-tip bars with bump stops help prevent tipping when loaded.

Robust Steel Frame

The Botanicare Slide Bench Difference

The difference between Botanicare’s slide bench and the others you see on the market comes down to quality. Whereas other benches are cheaper, they break down faster. Rollers will become oblong over time, and eventually, won’t roll altogether. All of a sudden, your rolling bench is now just a stationary bench – and you have to order an entire new system.

Botanicare uses connectors for the roller tubes, which absorb a lot of the weight and take the stress off the rollers themselves, which are also thicker and stronger than the competition’s rollers. Why not go with Botanicare the first time around and save yourself money and time?

No other slide bench currently on the market is expandable, meaning you can add new pieces and increase the length as your operation grows. Again, with other systems, this means you need to buy a whole additional one. Not with Botanicare, where you can easily add new trays.

In terms of support, Botanicare offers 10x more plastic to table contact compared to the competitors. The tables can support the weight of humans, as people walk up and down them all the time!

Furthermore, the Botanicare slide bench features spacers for the roller tubes, keeping them the optimal distance for eternity. Other benches don’t use a spacer, and in turn, the tubes will become really close or really far, and need to be respaced. With the potential of hundreds of feet of table, and lot’s of heavy plants on board, does this sound like something you want to do?

Botanicare is also a better company to work with. They are eco-friendly and recycle their unused plastic from cutting the components from making benches to make even more benches, with as minimal waste as possible. If anything goes wrong, you are able to order the part you need, unlike other companies that will only sell you full benches.

Easily Train Your Plants With Integrated Trellis Support Within The Bench

Trellis supports were engineered to fit inside the frame structure so as not to interfere with aisles. While other slide bench systems can cause problems when plants are trellised, the Botanicare Slide Bench System allows you to trellis your plants within the bench itself. It is the only bench on the market that makes training your plants easy, with standard trellis brackets included.

Because of this, you can slide your bench without worry of damaging your plants or trellis. This integrated feature also protects and secures tray seams and accepts 3/4 in PVC or 3/4 in conduit for trellising structures.

Botanicare Slide Bench Assembly Guide

Part of what makes the Botanicare Slide Bench System stand out from the competition is how easy it is to set up, with modular instructions. Competitors will typically just ship you the components and allow you to figure it out yourself, whereas Botanicare provides an in-depth instruction manual. If you get stuck, check out our video!

Setting up the Botanicare Slide Bench can be tricky for first-timers by themselves, but an experienced crew can get the system set up in a matter of hours. It is important to understand that there are hundreds of different configurations possible with this system, and the manual you get will refer to just one of many. So if you have any other size system, it may appear that you are missing parts that can raise confusion, but this is not the case. Refer to the manual, but be prepared to use some critical thinking.

Step 1 – Assemble slide bench arches

The first step is putting together your arches. This is a fairly simple step and is just a matter of screwing frame legs to the frame connector. Consult the table in your manual for determining your slope, this will be important for proper drainage. It may be a good idea to mark/number each arch with its specific slope so you put each one in the proper place.

Step 2 – Assemble slide bench frame

Start by positioning the frame in the final position you plan on installing it in. You will also want to begin with the drain end. Then, take the assembled arch, and attach two long frame tubes into the frame connectors, and secure with screws. You will then repeat the process, bringing in the next arch and screwing it into the other end of the long frame tubes, completing your first section. Then, repeat the process until you reach your final arch. Remember that the final arch will be connected with your short frame tubes. By now, you should have the frame assembled.

Step 3 – Position and anchor slide bench frame into the ground

This is a very important step, as you are going to be drilling your Botanicare bench frame into the ground. We recommend using a chalk line from the first arch alignment mark to the edge of the last arch alignment mark, and then positioning the frame on these marks. Then, use a hammer drill to drill into the floor through the holes in each footplate (note that anchors are not included).

Step 4 – Make final slide bench frame adjustments for required slope

Now, you will need to make your final adjustments to the slope of your bench frame. If you make mistakes here, the Botanicare Slide Bench system’s performance may be affected. Verify each arch is set to the desired height, and verify they are level. Then, tighten the nuts on your frame connector and secure the frame.

Step 5 – Assemble roller tubes

Now it is time to construct the part of the bench that actually makes it slide – the roller tubes. Start with the long roller tubes, and at the drain end. Screw a roller connector into one end, and a roller end to the other as shown in the manual. Repeat this for the second roller tube, and then move onto the next arch, connecting your tubes to one another until you reach the final arch. You will now attach your short roller tubes to your long roller tubes, and then screw a roller end into the roller end.

Step 6 – Assemble slide bench table

You will put the slide bench table together in 5’ increments, working along the bench. First, you will need to screw your table brackets into the table tubes as shown in the manual. For every two table tubes you assemble, leave one, as this will be installed in the middle of the table. Place the table extrusions on each arch in preparation, and begin attaching the outer tubes of the table first, finishing with the middle. Repeat for all your arches until your table is complete, ending with the short section.

Step 7 – Assemble Botanicare anti-tip kit

This part of the Botanicare Slide Bench will keep your table secure. First, assemble the bump stops, and then screw the anti-tip frame to the inside of the extrusions as shown. Then, screw in the guide bracket, using the self drilling screws. The number of anti-tip kits you need to install will depend on what size bench you have.

Step 8 – Attach roller spacers

Attach the roller spacers to your roller tubes at each end. This will keep them secure and retain a consistent distance of sliding. With the rollers attached, you now will have 8.5” of travel on each side, which is why this bench is so incredible.

Step 9 – Assemble pull handles to the slide bench frame

You never want to use your trays to push or pull the bench. Instead, you will use the handles. Secure each handle with the outermost screws first, and then the middle screws. Do not tighten the middle screws, as you will need to install the trellis brackets later.

Step 10 – Assemble trays to the slide bench

Finally, you can add the grow trays to your slide bench table. Make sure you place each one in the proper spot, otherwise your drain system will not work. Place male trays in the female trays so they sit flush. Clean this connection area with isopropyl, and allow it to dry. You will then use the included bond 3 sealant to coat the female section of the tray, and apply pressure to make a strong seal. This will prevent water leaks from your hydroponic system. Do this for every tray. Do not move the trays for 24 hours after sealing. You can use this time to apply sealant in other voids along the grow trays.

Step 11 – Determine and assemble slide bench drain system

At the drain tray, use a 1 ⅜” step drill bit, and install 3/4” or 1” bulk fittings. Then, install the drain screen over the bulkhead fittings. You can use two drains or one, depending on how quickly you want to drain your nutrient solution.

Step 12 – Assemble trellis brackets to the slide bench frame

The final step is to attach your trellis brackets to your bench frame. Once your sealant has had 24 hours to cure, place a trellis bracket in the slot of a handle, with the bracket facing in towards the trays. Use the divot in each trellis bracket to attach to the tray. Then, tighten the two middle screws on your pull handle. You can install the thumbscrew, and tighten later on once you actually have a trellis system over your plants.

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