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Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 800 LED Grow Light

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Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 800 LED Grow Light


Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 800 LED Grow Light has an Exclusive Limited Time Offer: MaxGardenSupplies.com customers are going to receive a totally free pair of Yield Lab LED grow room cups with buying the Black Dog LED PhytoMAX 2 800 LED Grow Light ($29.95 value!)

This Black Dog PhytoMAX 2 800 LED grow light is much more effective and powerful than any single ended HPS on the marketplace. With a sixty % increased light at exactly the same power level as that of HPS, PhytoMAX 2 800 provides better yields at decreased energy costs. The very best active heat management within the market that maximizes LED life, spectrum stability, and efficiency.

A totally free pair of Black Dog LED a lot of ratcheting grow light hangers are of each PhytoMAX 2 800 LED Grow Light!

How It Function

Full-Spectrum Light System: The patented Phyto genesis Spectrum process can make the light outperform HPS, MH, CMH, fluorescent LED plus induction LEDs in equal wattage tests. The UV light increases THC, antioxidants, flavonoids, terpenes, CBD, pigmentation and vitamins. The NIR, near infrared spectrum helps you to increase photosynthetic effectiveness through the Emerson Effect.
High-Quality Diodes: Uses 336 newer, much more effective 5 watt diodes. With increased power level draw, the gentle offers enhanced canopy penetration as well as light distribution without the light skin burns.
Effective Heat Dissipation: Produces less heat, when compared with standard lighting that hold grow room cool. The largest heatsinks in the market and long life fans collectively take on the temperature output to 2148 BTU.
Commercial-Grade LED Grow Light: It’s ETL certified to UL safety standards. A distinctive no glass look of the gentle delivers aproximatelly eight % more light for your crops than HPS, fluorescent and also induction LEDs, etc.
The PhtoMAX 2 800 LED light features Black Dog’s premium Phyto genesis Spectrum system. This’s a great spectrum for vegetative and also flowering stages. Additionally, it eliminates stalling that takes place because of spectrum changes. This real whole spectrum ranges from UVA to NIR (365 750nm) and also goes beyond PAR™ for nutritious flowering plus vegetative plant cycles.

Main Characteristics

Every 5 watt top bin LED is selected from best manufacturers like OSRAM. and CREE The excessive light intensity is vital for strong canopy penetration required for nourishing lower foliage & blossoms. The light provides even, edge-to-edge coverage while stopping hot spots and also leaf burn.

One other characteristic makes PhytoMAX 2 800 stand out is it doesn’t use secondary optics on the lights of theirs. It simply utilizes primary glass lenses, and that helps make the lighting better compared to the lighting fixtures with secondary lenses.

When looking at heat management, PhytoMAX 2 800 LED grow light does a fantastic job. The massive heatsinks and ultra quiet, long life fans on the device work together for effective heat management.

The PhtoMAX-2 800 LED lighting has a great construction. This device is ETL certified to UL safety requirements and also CE certified for the European Union. It’s safe to make use of in residential and also business applications.

With a limited lifetime guarantee along with a 90 day return policy, you are able to stay positive with the order of yours.

Deal Includes:

One new PhytoMAX 2 grow light!

An 8 foot, fourteen gauge 120V North American outlet (NEMA 5 15) power cord

One pair commercial LED hanger clips

One pair A lot of Ratcheting Light Hangers

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