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Advance Spectrum 900W Sun Series Model E 8-Bar Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

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Advance Spectrum 900W Sun Series Model

E 8-Bar Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

The 900W E 8 Bar is an industry leading horticulture light with eight bars for addressing a 4ft area. It imitates the natural qualities of the sun to increase plant growth the same as the outdoors. The device performs quietly in the lack of a cooling fan, and the little, die-cast aluminum housing provides a great working condition. Plant exposure on the develop bar increases the terpene result as a result of an impressive CRI rating.

Ideal for Commercial Setup: The grow light emits full spectrum light imitating the sun’s goodness of light, making indoor growing setups as effective as the outdoor environment.

Dimming Function: Adjust the light output of the horticulture lamp with the mechanical dimming function. You are able to develop a gentle formula perfect for your plant type.
Accentuated Terpene Profiles: Exposing plant life on the grow light raises the quality of yield. As the paper you receive has an excellent aroma, medical benefits.
IP-55 Rated: It is able to withstand drinking water to a great level and that would mean you don’t need to be worried about the lengthy life of the grow bar. The water resistant properties ensure it is a highly reliable brand.
Get the most recent Pro Grow LED to promote better plant growth, the same as the HID fixtures. The grow light is thought to boost the yield by twenty five % per watt when compared with the 600W SE HPS lamp. The grow light provides a higher color or maybe CRI rendering index of 9.11, even further improving the terpene levels.

The grow light gives away a high intensity full spectrum light mimicking the natural qualities of the sunshine. The whole spectrum has got the perfect color spectrum mixed, which will help your indoors grow as more healthy as the exterior. The light gives out hardly any heat, which doesn’t impact the plant’s overall health.

The develop LED is an industry leading horticulture solution that gives an output of PPF 1950

μmols/s. The 900W gives out 4,000 Kelvin light with an industry leading CRI of 91.8. Additionally, it has a dimming driver so you are able to take total control over the light output in the hands of yours.

With the die cast aluminum housing, the method stays cool, and there will not be a necessity for any fans. In the lack of the cooling fans, there aren’t any disturbing noises. The outlet is IP 55 rated, which helps make it water resistant and also provides it with much life. Managing the fixture as it includes cleanable housings.

The grow light answer has been designed for business setups. The eight bar light is composed of 4FT/ eight Light Bars that use 416pcs LEDs per bar/ 3328pcs in total for providing coverage associated with a great surface area.


Full Spectrum LED Model E 900W

Driver Box in Middle

0-10V Manual and dim Dimmer

4FT/ eight Light Bars/ L7009-900W

416pcs LEDs per bar/ 3328pcs in total

Mid Version (China 3V 3030)

Full spectrum led grow light and created for business horticulture

China Driver,Input Voltage: 110-277V

Size: 48 *48INCH/ 120 * 120CM

LED Efficacy: 2.8μmol/J, Total PPF: 2450μmol/s

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