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Advance Spectrum 400W Sun Series 4-Bar Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

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Advance Spectrum 400W Sun Series 4-Bar Full Spectrum LED Grow Light


Advance Spectrum 400W Sun Series 4-Bar Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Increases the general functionality and development of interior plant life from the vegetative with the bloom stage with this 4 Bar Full Spectrum LED Grow Light. It’s perfect for seasoned and new growers. It is packaged with long lasting die cast aluminum casing, manual dimmer, four light bars for optimum coverage. The grow light is ideal for all phases of plant development – seedling, etc, germination.

Power Full Spectrum Light: The full spectrum style is perfect for comprehensive interior plant development – from vegetative to bloom. This makes indoor planting a lot better.
Plug and Play Design: Installation of this full spectrum light is easy. It is great right out of the package.
All Aluminium Alloy Case: It’s a natural aluminum alloy casing offering excellent heat dissipation. This can make your plants grow happily and speedily.
No Fan Design: This LED grow lamp is noiseless. It has a peaceful growth expertise to the growers.
4-Bar Full Spectrum LED Grow Light should provide record breaking growth to interior plant growers. The full spectrum style is the perfect replacement for sunshine and assures rapid development and total plant development.

278 LEDs per bar and 3*3 feet length provides an enormous lighting place on the inside plants. This reliable grow light is ideal for business development. The aluminum frame of LED light includes several cooling ports to boost effectiveness. Thus, you are able to put the light near your indoor plants without fearing heat damage.

Each bar includes its very own energy supply. Hence, if the bar becomes damaged, it won’t impact the entire lamp, and you are able to actually replace it quickly. This superior and efficient quality grow light will guarantee your indoor plants provide you with the desired output. 4 high intensity light bars provide much more uniform lighting on the plants in your grow place to complement your growing goals.

Aluminum casing gives exceptional heat dissipation, which stretches the lifetime of the lamp. The full spectrum LED light includes no fan. Thus, it remains quiet and doesn’t disturb you.

The mechanical dimmer feature allows you to manage the intensity of lights at any growth stage manually. It reduces the energy expense since the four bar LED grow light consumes power in comparison to the standard lighting like HPS, Fluorescent, and Metal Halide.

The removable design of grow light offers simple transportation and set up. Additionally, it has a Driver Box that involves LED drivers you have to set up your grow light.


SKU/Model No.: LED-AS-400W

Spectrum LED Model E 400W

Full spectrum led grow light and created for business horticulture

Driver Box in Middle

China Driver,Input Voltage: 110-277V

0-10V Manual and dim Dimmer

Size: thirty six 36INCH/ ninety 90CM

3*3 FT/ four Light Bars/ L7009-400W

278pcs LEDs per bar/ 1112pcs in total

Mid Version (China 3V 3030)

LED Efficacy: 2.7μmol/J, Total PPF: 1080μmol/s

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